The Fundamentals of Swimming at Promenade Beach Club


If you live at or frequent the Jersey Shore, it is imperative you have a certain level of competency and comfort in the water for the safety of you and your fellow swimmers. The swim program at the Promenade Beach Club is organized to provide consistency and convenience for both swimmer and parent / guardian. Whether you are or have a beginner who is timid in or around the water and in need of confidence or stroke instruction or an advanced swimmer looking for stroke refinement or training, Promenade has something for everyone. Private and group lessons and swim team are just a few of the opportunities for swimmers of all ages!

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 2019 Calendar & SCHEDULE


8-9 am Monday – Thursday: 11 Years old and up

9-9:45 am Monday – Thursday: 7-8 & 9-10 Years old  

9-9:45 am Monday and Wednesday: 6 and under


Swim Lessons

Swim lessons are offered in semi- private and private half hour session. As it is in a parent‘s best interest to evaluate their child‘s ability, please review these levels and indicators to ensure your little swimmer is in the right place at the right time!


Explorers are our water rookies! Do you have a child ready to be introduced to the water? Explorers will safely introduce your child to the water and prepare them for formal swimming instruction. Explorers focus on full facial submersion, bubble blowing, supported floating and kicking, entering and exiting water independently, and basic water safety rules for pool club and at home safety.


 A beginner swimmer is ready to learn the swimming basics with assistive tools such as kick boards. Beginners will begin exploring full submersion while holding breath, deep water with support, and unsupported prone and supine floating (front and back float) and recovery. Beginner students also begin blowing bubbles while swimming and learning the arm action of both front and back stroke.

Advanced Beginner

Advanced beginner swimmers are now ready to put arms and legs together into full stroke. Advance beginner swimmers will work on prone and supine (front and back) push off gliding without assistance, freestyle, and backstroke, treading water and retrieving objects, and diving.


The intermediate swimmer is now working in rotary breathing. Intermediate swimmers will advance to a full 25 yards (1 unassisted pool lap) of freestyle and backstroke. The Intermediate swimmer can tread water for 2 minutes and learn both breast stroke and dolphin kick as well as changing directions at the wall. Swimmers will be introduced to diving- standing or kneeling. Swimmers ready for flip turns will be introduced at the coach‘s discretion.

If you feel your schedule or swimmer need further attention, private lessons may be just the thing you need.

Swim Team

The purpose of Promenade Swim Team is to bring together swimmers of all ages and skill levels as a team that fosters friendship, camaraderie, fun, and exercise! Our league is semi-competitive, and although winning is great, our main goal is to have fun! All swimmers will swim at least two events per meet. The coaches will select these events based on practice and ability.

Swim meets are held at Promenade and other beach/pool clubs. Meets are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday nights (unless otherwise noted) beginning in July and continuing through the end of the month. 

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